Reasons for Bidding Scaffolding

It’s the construction that takes place before construction can begin: Scaffolding. Scaffolding is an integral part of many construction or renovation projects. Scaffolding is crucial for providing access to hard-to-reach, high-up areas. While scaffolding is an...

Preparing your chimney for fall

The days are getting shorter, and the kids are soon heading back to school. Fall is right around the corner, and the chilly temperatures will be here before you know it. Is your chimney ready to keep you warm for all the cold days ahead? Now is the perfect time to...

Summer is Chimney Repair Season!

Are your chimney and fireplace ready for the fall? If not, start thinking about your chimney repairs now! Summer is chimney repair season for many reasons. First and foremost, warm, dry weather is ideal for working outside and for applying masonry materials, which...

Diagnosing Chimney Odors

There’s an unfortunate truth about chimneys...sometimes, they stink. Chimney odors become more common in the summer months when moisture in the chimney heats up on hot, humid summer days. While stinky chimneys are a frustrating reality, you don’t have to live with...

Chimney leaks and water damage

Most homeowners take great care of their chimney when it comes to protecting it against damaging soot, dangerous creosote and even potential fires. However, one of the biggest threat to your chimneys is actually water damage. Over time, water leaks in your chimney can...

What is a prefabricated fireplace?

If you’re looking to add a fireplace to your home, your mind probably turns first to the style you’d like to achieve and the fuel type you prefer. There’s one other fireplace decision you’ll have to make when you begin shopping around: traditional masonry fireplace or...

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