Chase Covers Repair & Install - Leaky Chimney Repair In Kansas City

Chimney Chase Cover Install – Fix Your Leaking Chimney

rusted chimney chase cover in Kansas City KS


Chase covers are designed to cover the top of a pre-fab or brick chimney. You can get these in galvanized steel and aluminum, but to get a lifetime warranty, you will need to stay with stainless steel or copper.  The cost difference is minimal and if you need to replace yours, then you already know how easily the galvanized steel can rust and the aluminum can get damaged.  Our stainless steel chase covers have a lifetime warranty against rust, corrosion and manufacturers' defects and we will come back out and replace it, if needed.

Prevent Water from Entering Your Chimney

You will need to make sure the chase cover you decide on fits properly because it must prevent water from entering the interior of the chimney structure. Many tops from pre-fab fireplaces have a low spot that holds water and eventually rusts. It can stain your siding on the outside as water runs down your home and destroy the inside with water rusting out the appliance if it rusts clean through the top.

If you notice any discoloration, it’s time to call a professional. If you wait too long, water can damage more than just your chimney. Call Fluesbrothers today!

There's a lot to know about fireplaces, inserts and stoves. That's why it's a good idea to have professionals like Fluesbrothers Chimney Service on your team when they need to be repaired, rebuilt or replaced.

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