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Did you know that chimneys in the home date back as early as the twelfth century? Between then and now many warm, fond memories have been made alongside a fire. Even before this, fires were enjoyed inside – sometimes even around an open fire. As you can imagine this wasn’t the safest approach. However, in the dark ages, you did what you had to do to keep warm and cook food for your family.

Fireplace maintenance in Leawood KSThe Origin of Fireplaces

The birth of what we consider a fireplace coincides with the rise of two-story homes. This took away the option to have a fire simply in the middle of a home and let the smoke rise up and out. Rather, there was a new approach: light the fire in a section of the wall. This way it could rise and leave the home unobstructed with holes made throughout the wall. The smoke was still an issue until a flue was created. This helped to draft smoke up and out of the home. Some of the more advanced and wealthy homes even installed hoods. 

14th Century Advancements

Once hoods were introduced to the concept, further advancements were made as well. Full, official chimney structures started to be built into the walls of homes, allowing for more advanced and thorough heating solutions. This even allowed for multiple fireplaces to vent through the same flue system. However, at this point, the flue exit was still pretty minimal, and drafts weren’t completely taken care of.

16th Century Turning Point

Surprisingly, a big push for ventilation improvements came after the Tudor period in England. Lumber and timber supplies became less prominent and more expensive, which meant homeowners were forced to look for alternative sources of heat. The solution was coal. This came with toxic smoke as a byproduct, which begged for more advanced and efficient ventilation systems. Due to the need and throughout the years of technological advancements, the ventilation system continued to improve. 

fireplace firebox repairs in Overland Park KSToday

From there, ventilation was perfected, even when wood was back to the main supply, making wood-burning fireplaces a vital and primary source of heat for many centuries. Even today, in the 21st century, homeowners enjoy fireplaces in the cold months as a supplementary heat source and even for aesthetics. Our ventilation systems are optimized, and we’ve even introduced modern solutions such as gas and electric fireplaces. These allow for ease without compromising the timeless coziness that fireplaces provide for any home. 

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