Is A Second Opinion On My Chimney Damage Necessary?

Why You Should Get a Second Opinion on Chimney Damage

A qualified second opinion when you’re planning a chimney repair project can be invaluable. If you’re filing a chimney damage claim through your homeowner’s insurance, your carrier will expect you to get several estimates. It’s smart to do this when you’re self-paying as well. Here’s why.

chimney repairs, shawnee ksWhat a Second Opinion might Tell You

When you have only one estimate for chimney work, you really don’t know much. You have a price and a list of tasks that are said to be needed to restore your chimney to health, but you have nothing to compare this to.

A second opinion can tell you several things:

1. The price is too high

An inexperienced or unscrupulous chimney company may overcharge you for repair work. This doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. A second opinion from one of our certified chimney professionals can alert you to excess costs.

2. The price is too low

Inexperience also may result in a ridiculously low price for chimney repairs. Without the proper training and hands-on experience, the technician may not feel comfortable charging
a “competitive” price.

3. Unnecessary tasks were included

We’ll look closely at the state of your chimney and the estimate you were given to see if more work than needed is being called for. Our team has performed just about every type of chimney repair possible, and we know what’s needed and what isn’t.

4. Critical tasks were omitted

This is more dangerous than adding unnecessary tasks. A “green” chimney repair company or technician may not understand everything that has to happen to make your chimney safe and fully operational. We’ll tell you if we suspect that your original estimate wasn’t thorough. If you do hire us, you can count on experience, professionalism, and zero compromise on quality.

Fluesbrothers Chimney Repair Services

Our chimney repair work includes:

  • Masonry repairs & tuckpointingchimney repairs, lenexa ks
  • Chimney structure rebuilding/restoration
  • Flue liner repair & relining
  • Chimney cap, crown & flashing repair & replacement
  • Resolution of venting and drafting issues
  • Leaky chimney repair
  • Firebox repair
  • Smoke chamber parging
  • Masonry waterproofing
  • Smoke shelf repair

How to Keep Your Chimney Clean, Safe and Working Right

You can avoid many costly repairs and the hassle of dealing with insurance companies simply by taking the following three steps.

1. Have your chimney swept once a year

2. Schedule annual chimney inspections

3. Get repairs done when they’re needed

Call Fluesbrothers today at (913) 236-7141 and ask for a second opinion on any type or scope of chimney repair work. We’re also happy to answer any questions you may have and tell you more about our chimney services.