Ask A Local Chimney Sweep - Chimney Service In The Kansas City Area

At some point, every homeowner faces questions or concerns about their chimney. Whether you’re a new homeowner wondering about care and maintenance of your hearth appliance, or whether you’re a homeowner who has been handling and caring for their fireplace for a long time, Fluesbrothers Chimney Service has the answers! Just ask Jeremy.

Fluesbrothers founder Jeremy Biswell holds the highest possible designation from the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), the Master Chimney Sweep certification. Not only does that mean that Jeremy is part of an elite group of chimney professionals nationwide, it means that he is charged by the CSIA to educate consumers about the safe and proper care and operation of their hearth appliances. Jeremy takes that charge seriously, which is why he created his “Ask the Chimney Sweep” video series to answer some of the questions chimney sweeps hear most often from their customers. Some of the questions you’ll have answered with Jeremy’s video series include:

When is the best time to clean your chimney?

Most homeowners default to having their chimneys swept in the fall, in preparation of using their fireplaces all winter long. But is that the best time to tackle the job? In this video, Jeremy will let you know when you should have your chimney swept and why. He’ll also help steer you toward resources to find a certified chimney sweep in your area.

What should I do if my flue falls out of my chimney?

Wait, can that happen? In this video, Jeremy tackles some of the confusions homeowner face with the anatomy of their chimney. A customer inspired this video by asking about his flue falling from his chimney. It provides insight into chimney anatomy, damper operation and troubleshooting.

How can I repair a damaged chimney crown?

Chimney leak repairs & chimney crown repair in Prairie Village KSChimney crowns are often the first element of a chimney to show wear and tear. Jeremy explains their importance as well as how a chimney crown should be built and what to do if your chimney crown requires repair.

How can I deal with these common chimney problems?

There are three major issues chimney sweeps hear from customers. This video addresses those issues, with Jeremy’s insight on what to do about chimney odors, animals trapped in the chimney and smoking chimneys.

What do I do about animals in my chimney?

Animal intrusion is a common chimney problem. Jeremy will explain why animals seek out chimneys and how to keep animals out of a chimney. He also covers what to do if an animal or bird does make its way into your chimney.

What is creosote?

Most homeowners know that creosote is the enemy of their chimney. Therefore, chimney sweeps’ primary job is to clear creosote from the chimney. Jeremy will explain what creosote is, the different types of creosote, why creosote is so dangerous and how to prevent a dangerous creosote buildup in your chimney.

You’ll get those questions answered and find so many more resources via the “Video Resources” tab on the Fluesbrothers website. We have videos on chimney sweepings, inspections, relining and more. In addition, there are how-to videos on everything from lighting the pilot on your gas fireplace to igniting your wood-burning fireplace. Check out Fluesbrothers’ video resources to get your questions answered today!