Summertime Chimney Sweep Coupons - Kansas City Chimney Sweep

We all love to save money on the products and services we need. When we come across a service that tends to have a set price, finding out there’s a coupon for it can take us aback. You might be surprised to find your chimney sweep offer you a summertime coupon.

Why offer a summer coupon for chimney sweeping?

A summertime discount on chimney sweeping and inspections is a mutually beneficial proposition.

  1. First, it allows chimney sweeps to thank their regular customers for their business.
  2. Chimney Sweep & Chimney cleaning Lees Summit MOSecond, when customers schedule summertime chimney sweepings, it helps chimney sweeps to regulate their schedules. Every chimney should be swept at least once per year, but most homeowners wait until the fall to schedule their annual sweeping and inspection. That can cause a bit of chaos for chimney sweeps! When every homeowner calls to schedule their sweeping within the one-month time frame, chimney sweeps have to struggle to make sure every customer gets taken care of. Sweeps work longer hours, and customers can wait weeks for an appointment.

When you schedule your chimney sweeping in the summer, it helps chimney sweeps handle some of their annual workloads in the slower summer months. The summertime coupon is a win-win. It’s easier on chimney sweeps when customers schedule summer sweeping, and a coupon allows chimney sweeps to thank their loyal customer by helping them to save money.

What do you get with a chimney sweeping coupon?

When you use your chimney cleaning coupon from Fluesbrothers Chimney Service, you get a quality chimney service at a bargain price! With your coupon, you receive the same chimney sweeping and inspection you’ve come to expect from Fluesbrothers’ experienced chimney technicians. Fluesbrothers is certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America, and our inspections follow their standards for keeping your chimney and fireplace operating functionally.

During your annual sweeping and inspection, your sweep will remove any dangerous creosote buildup from your chimney, clean up your firebox, inspect all of the operating components of the fireplace to make sure your fireplace is operating properly, and perform a thorough inspection of your chimney system. In short, the annual chimney sweeping and inspection you get with your chimney cleaning coupon will ensure that your chimney and fireplace are clean.

How can you take advantage of your chimney sweeping coupon?

If you’re ready to save money while maintaining your chimney, schedule your summertime appointment with Fluesbrothers Chimney Service today! Call our office at 913-236-7141 or fill out the scheduling form on our website. We’ll contact you to arrange your sweeping.