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Common chimney repairs in Shawnee KSChimneys Don't Last Forever

Like just about everything else, chimneys get old. There are many parts to your chimney that may wear out over time. Sometimes, you have damage after a disaster that requires attention. And sometimes, water makes its way into your chimney and prematurely ages your heating system. If a problem can be identified early on, your solution will likely be far less expensive and invite less risk in the meantime.

Here at Flues Brothers Chimney Sweep we take these repairs very seriously and aim for the highest standard in work ethic, knowledge and skill in addressing your chimney problems. You might think that simple blockages in the chimney are the least of your problems, but this particular dilemma can and will result to probably getting a new chimney – which we’re sure, is exactly the last thing you’d like to do. So, it’s always best to keep your options open, understand the usual chimney repairs and the leave the rest to us.

Relining the Flue Liner

There are three common chimney repairs that need to be handled by a professional. One is the relining of the flue liner. This really needs repair because once the chimney is in use it has to make sure that combustible gases and corrosive ones are sent upward and outside the chimney. This is a very strenuous activity and eventually the flue liner detaches. This is part of the reason why annual inspections are mandatory. Remember, once the flue liner is destroyed, do not use your fireplace unless it is repaired or replaced with a new one.

Installing Chimney Caps and Crowns

Also, the moisture that accumulates inside the chimney walls needs so much attention and repair. This can result to molds and degradation of your chimney brick walls. We usually recommend the installation of chimney caps to cover the opening to prevent not only water and snow but even for bird nests and spider webs. This can lessen the chance for your chimney to collapse and become inefficient. Since there is the need for chimney caps, the perfect combination for it is the installation of a chimney crown.

Chimney repair in Olathe KSMortar Replacement

Lastly, the problem with your chimney walls should also be considered. The type of bricks used for chimney infrastructures usually last for more than a lifetime. They were specifically designed to keep the structure intact and in place. The mortar is usually the first element that starts to deteriorate. It’s important to call us once this happens so that no further damage will happen. Replacing mortar will take time but once it is fixed, your chimney will start to function more safely and efficiently.

These are the most common problems in the chimney that need immediate repair. All are common but all are of equal importance. Always remember to seek professional help to perform these tasks. Call us now to start the fixing so that your fireplace is ready to take on the challenge of freezing temperatures. Let us help you stay warm.