From Wood Burning Fireplace To Gas Insert - Kansas City Fireplace Install

Gas Fireplace insert Independence MOWood-burning fireplaces are easy to love — there’s an undeniable charm that beams through when you’re sitting by the fireplace with a warm mug, yellow flames circling around crackling wood and giving off that unmistakably cozy smell. But we also have to admit that, with as busy as modern lives tend to get, it can be hard to find the time to enjoy our wood-burning fireplaces.

You need to gather and chop or purchase kiln-dried firewood, stack it and store it, build and start your fires, tend them carefully and then, when you’re ready to call it a night, wait for the embers to die out completely. After all that, you still need to clean up ash, too. Often enough, beautiful wood-burning fireplaces go unused and unloved while we’re busy ticking off the many things on our to-do lists.

That all points to why many Flues Brothers Chimney Sweep clients reach out to us about gas-burning fireplaces, inserts and stoves. With gas, you’ll get the warmth and charm you want, but it’s there
at the push of a button or turn of a key. If you already have a fireplace, switching to gas might be easier than you think!

 For A Fireplace That’s Still In Great Shape: Gas Logs

If your existing fireplace still looks great, and your chimney is in solid functional shape as well, we can switch it over to gas with the installation of gas logs.

The logs themselves are made of durable ceramic/refractory material that stands strong against the high heat of your fire, and we can show you a wide variety of hand-detailed products that mimic the look of just about any kind of wood you might want — from deep oak to a lighter, softer driftwood — with remarkably realistic detail, in stack sizes and shapes that suit your taste too. With vented gas logs, you get a bright yellow flame that’s just as realistic — if you haven’t seen gas logs in a while, you’ll be amazed at the leaps and bounds of progress in look and aesthetic.

Gas fireplace install in Lees Summit MOAfter you choose your logs, Flues Brothers Chimney Sweep technicians install the gas, install the logs and you’re ready to enjoy a fire as soon as you want it — and you can extinguish it just as quickly.

 For A Fireplace That’s Past Its Prime

If your existing fireplace isn’t looking its best and you have some functional issues to boot — particularly with your firebox — you’d likely be best served by a new gas insert. Flues Brothers Chimney Sweep technicians can install a new insert, retrofitted into your existing fireplace, and completely refresh your appliance functionally and visually, switching you over to the convenience of gas in the process.

Inserts are aesthetically versatile too — we can show you units that are designed to fit with classic, vintage decor, or ones that fit perfectly in a minimalist, modern space. And since factory-built gas inserts are designed to be highly efficient, you’ll get the warmth and ambience you want without wasting fuel!

If you’re thinking about switching over to the ease of a gas-burning appliance, we’d be glad to walk you through the best options for you and your home. Just give Flues Brothers Chimney Sweep a call!