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Chimney Crown Repair – Fix Your Damaged Chimney In The Kansas City Area

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The crown of a chimney is one of the most exposed areas of your chimney system. It sits at the very top of the chimney and is sealed in concrete.

If you have read the information on freeze/thaw and how hard this natural process is on all the chimney parts that are above the roof line, then you will understand why this is one of the most-repaired areas of a chimney. We normally find that the crown loosens around the edges, allowing water to seep down into the inner walls of the system.

Another problem we often see are fine cracks that work themselves into the concrete much like those on sidewalks and driveways. And, just like on those surfaces, there are often grasses, flowers or weeds growing out of them. You can imagine the damage this can do to the top of your chimney  if not dealt with before the top actually breaks and crumbles.


Lightning Damage In Kansas City

We don’t think about lightning hitting our chimney, but it does happen. Often it is the highest thing on the roof and can easily attract a direct strike. We’ve seen chimneys that have been hit and no one knew it had been damaged. We’ve also seen lightning take a chimney down.

If you think your chimney has been hit by lightning or feel no one has gone on the roof and inspected the crown, please give Fluesbrothers a call and let us make sure your system is safe.

chimney crown repair


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