Stocking Fireplace Safety - Fireplace Experts In Kansas City

Stockings hanging along a fireplace mantel is iconic. But if you planing to hang stockings by the fireplace this holiday season, you should be careful to reconsider it. They can pose as a fire hazard in your home. Here are some helpful tips to keep your hearth safe this holiday season.

If you have a roaring fire in your fireplace, beware of stockings or dangling mantel décor that could be ignited by a stray ember or excessive heat from your fireplace. A decorated mantel is a beautiful centerpiece to your home’s holiday celebrations, but they can pose a hazard. If a fire is burning, remove flammable, dangling stockings or decoration that could catch fire.

Christmas Fireplace Safety & fireplace service in Mission Hills KSIt isn’t just dangling stockings and décor that can pose a danger near your fireplace. Any flammable décor placed too closely to your fireplace could catch fire. You should create a safe zone around your hearth, keep flammable blankets, pillows, papers, décor and items at least 3 feet away from your fireplace.

Use a spark guard

If you have an open-hearth fireplace, employ a spark guard to keep your home and family safe. A spark guard or mesh screen should be placed in front of your open fire to keep sparks from popping out of your fireplace or logs from shifting or falling out. It also helps to keep small hands or waggling tails from getting too close to the fire. Invest and use a spark guard on your fireplace this Christmas!

Don’t burn anything other than proper fireplace fuel in your fireplace

When you have a roaring fire in your fireplace, it can be tempting to toss in scraps of wrapping paper or cardboard, or even your chopped up Christmas tree after the holidays. However, this is not a good idea. It is always dangerous to burn anything other than the intended fuel in your fireplace. Paper and cardboard can cause flair ups in your fireplace that lead to chimney fires, and dye or coatings on them can put off toxic fumes.

Have your fireplace and chimney swept and inspected

The best way to ensure that your fireplace and chimney is not a danger to your home this holiday season is getting a professional chimney sweeping and chimney inspection. A professional sweeping removes all flammable creosote or other chimney obstructions, while the inspection ensure that your fireplace and chimney are free from any damage. If you need help keeping your home and family safe around your hearth this holiday season, contact Fluesbrothers Chimney Service to schedule an appointment!