Spruce Up Your Fireplace Mantel With These Decorating Ideas

A fireplace is typically the focal point of a room. But the mantel that sits above the fireplace can be just as much of a focal point and bring mood, personality and pizazz to the room.

add a fireplace mantel, Shawnee KSIf you don’t already have a mantel

Some masonry fireplaces are built with mantels in place; some zero-clearance fireplaces include mantels in their installation. If your fireplace has no mantel, you can purchase the style that most excites you from a local hearth retailer or online. You also can have a mantel custom built.

Between pre-made mantels and custom mantels, you have a variety of materials and finishes to choose from including wood grain, steel, granite, marble, slate and many others.

Mantel decorating ideas

The #1 rule in any home-decoration project is: do what makes you happy. Here are some ideas for customizing and decorating your fireplace mantel that might accomplish just that.


Your mantel can burst with color year-round with live or artificial flowers. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to transform an entire room with a unique combination of colors across the top of your mantel.

Kids’ artwork

If you have kids, surely they’re creating something great either in school or in personal time. Make a big deal out of these masterpieces by displaying them on your mantel.

Family portraits

Mantels are perfect places to showcase fine family portraits. If you don’t want to go that “official,” try filling the mantel with a selection of smaller framed photos of all the people who matter most in your world.

Seasonal themes

Celebrate the seasons with rotating themes on your mantel. Mini Christmas trees, Hanukkah stars, pumpkins, turkey artwork, snow scenes, bright sunny summer displays – use your imagination and bring all the seasons right into your home.

Fireplace Mantel Ideas, mission hills ksPlants

Potted plants of all kinds add life and energy to a room, and your fireplace mantel is the perfect place to create everything from a tasteful plant arrangement to a flourishing jungle. (Make sure to not let the jungle flourish over the firebox opening!)


Lighting is more than a bulb that fits in a lamp or ceiling socket. Today’s lighting choices include all kinds of unique designs and sizes from tiny string lights to huge multi-light units. Flashing lights, colored lights, twinkling lights – you’ve got plenty of choices for lighting up your mantel.



Whether it’s books you read or older antique volumes you want to display, your mantel is an ideal place to create a mini library.

Don’t restrict yourself with mantel decoration

We’ve listed some of the more popular mantel decorating ideas, but don’t ever feel limited. Mix and match some of these ideas, come up with some cool decorative schemes of your own, pack your mantel with items or place one single standout item on it – as we said, with any home decorating, the choice is always yours to personalize it the way you love most.

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