FAQ's About Vent Free Gas Logs - Kansas City Area Fireplace Service

Have you recently had vent free gas logs installed in your home or are you considering making the purchase? If so, you may have some questions about your new logs, what that smell is and how often they’ll need to be serviced. We’ve broke down the questions we hear most about vent free logs and answered them.

My vent free gas logs were just installed. What is that horrible smell?

Congrats on your purchase! That smell comes from the process taking place when the log set is curing or what we call “burn-off”. The logs must go through this as they burn off any oils, residues, glues, etc. that were used during the manufacturing process of the logs.

Vent free gas logs in Lee's Summit MOHow long do my logs need to burn-off?

The burn-off process can take up to 20 hours of burning. We would recommend you start off by burning your new logs at the highest setting for 4-5 hours then turn them off and allow them to completely cool down. You then would need to repeat the process 3-4 more times. Your smoke detectors may go off and it’s completely normal.

Can I reduce the smell of the logs?

Once the burn-off process has occurred, you may still be sensitive to the smell of vent frees. If this is the case, we recommend burning with the damper fully open or opening a window or door during use.

I have used my logs for over 60 hours, why are they still putting off a smell?

Scientifically speaking, it has to do with the combustion of methane gas. Methyl Mercaptan is an additive added to gas so that if there is a gas leak, you get a rotten smell. The byproduct of Methyl Mercaptan is sulfur dioxide, which is what is commonly smelled during
the vent free burning process. Thus, this is why we would recommend burning with the damper fully open.

Is there anything else I can do to help with the smell?

Vent free gas logs will pull all the smells and fibers from your room into the fireplace causing those materials to be burned, which could lead to an increase in the smell. We recommend you do not burn candles, potpourri, incense, smoke or use aerosols in the same room as your logs. Additionally, pet dander, new carpet fibers, dirty vents, fresh paint, construction or an improperly maintained log set will cause additional smells.

Since they are gas logs, I do not need to have my fireplace and chimney cleaned right?

This is the most common myth in the chimney and fireplace industry. All fireplaces and chimneys need annual inspections and/or cleanings no matter what type of fuel they utilize. In the case of vent frees, they need cleaned on a yearly basis for all the reasons mentioned above.