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Fluesbrothers Chimney Service of Kansas City provides expert installation and service of gas fireplaces for our customers in Lees Summit, MO, Prairie Village, KS, Country Club Plaza, MO, Lake Quivira, KS, Hyde Park, MO, Raytown, MO, and across the entire Kansas City, KS/Kansas City, MO, region.

Have you been thinking it might be nice to bring a new fireplace into your home? Is your current fireplace old and not performing up to par? Do you want all the benefits of a beautiful fireplace but don’t want to do a lot of maintenance and upkeep? Then consider the many exciting models of highly efficient gas fireplaces on the market today.

Modern gas fireplaces are powerful enough to heat a single room or several rooms. They look fantastic, they’re easy to operate and they can be placed in many areas within your home. With professional installation by our CSIA- and FSI-certified technicians, your new appliance will provide great heat and safe performance for many years to come.

Here are some of the reasons more and more people are stepping up to today’s powerful gas-fueled fireplaces.

Elegant Aesthetics

Top fireplace brands such as Napoleon, Valor, and Regency have designed their appliances to not only provide wonderful heat but to look amazing while doing it. A new gas fireplace will instantly add a touch of class and elegance to your home.

High Heat Efficiency

Heat-efficiency ratings tell you how much of the heat your fireplace generates will actually become heat inside your home. Vented gas fireplaces typically come with 70% to 80% and higher ratings. B-vent gas fireplaces normally range between 40% and 50% efficiency. By comparison, traditional wood-burning masonry fireplaces usually are rated no higher than 20%, and often much lower.

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Ease of Use

If you’re not the type of person who enjoys buying/cutting wood, hauling it, storing it, cleaning up after it and getting a fire started with it, a gas-burning fireplace is exactly what you need. Fires start and stop with a simple switch, there’s no mess from ash and wood chips and you’ll have very little maintenance to perform for the life of the unit.

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Gas Burns Clean

All gas fireplaces manufactured today must meet strict emissions standards set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency. This means that you can enjoy your fireplace with the satisfaction of knowing you’re not adding a bunch of pollutants to the atmosphere.

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No Creosote

Gas fires will not cause a buildup of creosote in the vent system the way wood-burning fires do. Wood fireplaces need annual safety inspections and chimney sweep services in order to ensure safe operation. Gas fireplaces only need periodic checks by a professional to make sure everything’s working as it should.

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Install Almost Anywhere

The vent systems for gas fireplaces allow for more placement options throughout your home than wood fireplaces and their chimneys. You can have a small gas fireplace in the bathroom, a larger unit in bedrooms and kitchens, all the way up to a high-powered unit in your main room. This makes zone heating a snap: you can heat only the areas of the home you choose and only for as long as you wish. Easy on, easy off – that’s what makes heating with gas so great.

Ready to move up to gas? Let us help you select the perfect model that will best meet your heating needs and aesthetic tastes. Our certified fireplace technicians will then install your new appliance in strict accord with manufacturer’s guidelines and any local zoning and safety requirements. Learn all about the benefits of modern gas fireplaces by calling (913) 236-7141 from anywhere in the Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO, areas.