Chimney Inspections - Repair Your Damaged Chimney In Kansas City

Chimney Inspections

You should have your chimney inspected:

• When you purchase a home with a chimney.

• When there has been an incident or natural disaster that may have caused structural damage.

• When you make changes to your heating appliance or ventilation system.

• Before you make any system repairs or upgrades.

Before you burn anything in your chimney, you have to know that it’s safe. Chimney fires can quickly cause massive destruction to a home. However, most chimney fires can be prevented with proper care and maintenance of your chimney.

The National Fire Protection Association recommends annual chimney inspections. At Fluesbrothers, we encourage our customers to follow these important safety guidelines listed below.

Your Fluesbrothers chimney professional can talk to you about the types of inspections and recommend which one is right for your home. All of our technicians are highly trained and qualified to perform all levels of chimney inspections. Click here to schedule an appointment online.

chimney inspection in Overland Park KS

There are three levels of chimney inspections as follows

Level I

A Level 1 inspection is the most basic inspection. In this type of inspection, your chimney technician will examine all of the readily-accessible parts of your chimney and ventilation system to check for damage.

Level II

Level 2 inspections will cover everything from a Level I inspection, but will also include inspection of accessible areas of the attic, crawlspace and basement, chimney interior and exterior, portions of the appliance and chimney connection and overall inspection for the proper construction of the chimney and flue. A Level II inspection will also include video scanning of the chimney interior.

Level III

Level 3 inspections are the most detailed type of chimney inspection. In a Level III inspection, your chimney professional will perform all the steps of a Level I and Level II inspection, as well as examine concealed areas of your chimney where hidden damage or hazards are suspected.

If our inspection reveals an issue with your chimney or fireplace system, count on our expertise for repairing, replacing or rebuilding. Our training and experience make this all part of our chimney and fireplace services