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Water Does Damage

Are you aware of the fact that the number one enemy of chimneys is water? No matter how sturdy or how good the structure of your chimney is, once water finds a way in, say hello to thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements. It’s perfectly normal to repair and replace parts to maintain the functionality of your chimney, but it if your chimney is properly maintenanced, this shouldn't happen often. Keeping water from doing damage is one of the main jobs of your chimney sweep.

Leaky Chimney & chimney repair In Liberty MO

What You Need to Know About Chimneys

Chimneys can live for decades, but they really have to be checked once a year to see how everything’s going. It is remarkable how chimneys are built to endure all four seasons, not to mention natural calamities that are beyond our control. Inspite of this, we still need to make sure that it has the right amount of our attention.

Most of the time, the fireplace is the main attraction. But just like pen and paper, the fireplace cannot be without a chimney connected to it and vice versa. These two things always go together to make sure that heat is safely supplemented into the house. That is why we from the Fluesbrothers Chimney Sweep Company would like to tell you more on how we can prolong the life of your chimney by keeping water out. One of the best ways to do this is by waterproofing your chimney.

Why Water?

Water is considered the enemy of chimneys because it can cause all sorts of damage and destroy parts that are vital for providing heat inside the home. Moisture can accelerate the aging process of your chimney by seeping into the mortar bricks. When your chimney is damp, draft is also compromised and this could lead to a smoky fireplace, or worse, give way to carbon monoxide poisoning. Also, it can create mold which will not only trigger a stinky fireplace, but also a health threat to the people breathing in the mold spores. Imagine how much damage can be done simply by exposing your chimney to water.

Chimney Leaks

It all starts with leaks. The most obvious cause for chimney leaks is when natural catastrophes have occurred and the structural integrity of the chimney is ruined. It can also happen gradually and, more often than not, can go unnoticed until a great amount of damage is already done. The cracks and holes in the chimney masonry become the alleyway for water to pass.


What we usually do with leaks is we apply waterproofing sealant. This will close all cracks and make the chimney walls look like new. Even ants cannot enter once this sealant is applied. But before this is applied, any damage must first be repaired; it cannot be used as glue to hold the pieces of brick together. This will prevent bigger problems from happening.

Chimney cap replacement Chimney Repair in Lees Summit MOInstall Chimney Caps

Another way to stop water from entering the chimney is to install a chimney cap. These come in all sorts of sizes and shapes and they are often called rain covers. They come in stainless steel or copper. This will act as the defense system of your chimneys. As a matter of fact, it is one of the cheapest ways to keep water away. It will provide a barrier at the chimney opening and will definitely prevent water from coming in through the opening of your chimney. It’s not even limited to water alone; it can also prevent blockages in the chimney, like:

  • Birds and Bird nests
  • Debris
  • Spider webs

They may seem harmless but inside the chimney they can disrupt the whole process of combustion and eliminating smoke.

Replace or Repair Chimney Crown

The chimney crown is the ultimate protector of the flue (where the smoke passes) and the flue liner. If there is no chimney cap installed then the chimney crown will have to defend the flue. This is actually the second line of defense of the chimney. If there are issues with the chimney crown, give us a call so that we can check what’s happening with it and do repairs or replacements as needed.

Final Recommendations

To maintain and prolong the life your chimneys, we recommend having your chimneys inspected and cleaned. This, along with everything mentioned above, should only be done by a CSIA-certified sweep, one that is capable of giving the very best service. And that’s how Fluesbrothers comes into the picture.


We have been serving the people of Kansas City for over fourteen wonderful years and have established our ground to be the best in the area. We guarantee excellence in service, equipment and in our people. If you’re looking for the best in the area, give us call.