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Gas Fireplace Not Working? Contact Us Today!

Does your gas fireplace need a some attention? Then contact the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified professionals at Fluesbrothers. We have years of gas fireplace and repair experience, so contact us today to troubleshoot your fireplace!

When we service your gas fireplace, we’ll carefully remove, inspect, and clean the system components and check for proper installation and function. We’ll:

  • Remove any soot or dust from the glass.
  • Check the gas valve, pilot and gasket seal.
  • Inspect and clean the burner and logs.
  • Check for proper placement, inspection and function.

Whether your gas fireplace is working like new or needs some troubleshooting, you can expect thorough and professional results from our team.

Ryan Swope came out to our house to check our gas fireplace. He spent 2 hours inspecting, cleaning & re-stacking our logs correctly and adding embers underneath. He checked everything up and down and gave us a bid for replacing our top that is rusting on the roof. He was friendly, knowledgeable and very patient answering our questions and instructing us how to light it properly. We were very pleased with his professionalism.


Common Problems With Gas Fireplaces

As National Fireplace Institute (NFI)-certified gas appliance experts and members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG), there’s no situation we haven’t prepared for, encountered, or helped resolve. Some common gas fireplace and gas log issues we take care of for our clients:

  • Pilot light won’t light or stay lit.
  • Main burner won’t come on or stays on longer than it should.
  • Glass is dirty.
  • Fan is noisy.

Even when your gas fireplace is working properly, it’s important that you schedule an annual inspection with a knowledgeable and thorough sweep. Inspections can reveal hidden problems or safety hazards before any real harm is done. Contact us today!

Fluesbrothers had been our only service company for our fireplaces. Jarrett just cleaned and serviced our see through fireplace yesterday. It’s great to have a clean fireplace that works well. There was a little problem with our glass, and Jeremy came back out and fixed it. Thank you, Jeremy and Jarrett. You guys are awesome!!!