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stinky chimney cleaning in Leawood KSFluesbrothers Chimney Service of Kansas City, KS, provides year-round chimney cleaning, chimney repair, fireplace and chimney inspection and installation services in Leawood, KS, and the surrounding communities of Olathe, KS, Lenexa, KS, Merriam, KS, Overland Park, KS, Prairie Village, KS, Grandview, MO, and Belton, MO.

The best way to keep your fireplace and chimney running safely and efficiently is to have them cleaned, inspected and repaired on a regular basis. Fluesbrothers offers all the services you need for your home-heating appliances and their vent systems.

Chimney Sweeps in Leawood KS

Chimney Sweep In Leawood KS

It’s important to schedule chimney cleaning once a year to prevent the buildup of obstructions that will hamper air flow and to remove dangerous, flammable creosote.

Chimneys that don’t have a sturdy chimney cap are open to all manner of debris, animal nests and animals themselves who die after being unable to get out. When the air passage is narrowed in the flue, smoke and carbon monoxide won’t draft properly and can back up into the home.

Our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps will clean all obstructions out of your chimney and remove creosote. This sticky compound is a byproduct of burning wood – think of it as concentrated fuel – and is responsible for most chimney fires in the U.S. each year.

chimney inspection in Olathe KS

Chimney Inspection

Along with cleaning, all chimneys and fireplaces should be inspected on a regular basis to uncover signs of damage and wear before they become serious and expensive problems.

When our trained technicians inspect a chimney, they look closely at every component and the structure itself. Some initial clues that a problem exists are fairly obvious: efflorescence on the exterior chimney walls, spalling bricks, strong odors coming from the fireplace and others. Certain types of chimney problems, however, can only be spotted by experienced chimney service personnel with the proper training and tools to do the job thoroughly.

Chimney liner repair in Leawood KS

Chimney Leak & Repair In Leawood KS

A leaky chimney may not show immediate signs of structural damage, but it will at one point if the leak is ignored. Over time, water in a chimney system will begin to erode mortar joints and eat away at bricks. If you see water on the floor of your firebox or white staining on the outside of your chimney, it’s time to have a professional take a look.

Along with addressing chimney leaks, we perform a variety of chimney repairs for our customers in Leawood, KS, and surrounding areas:

  • CrownSeal crown repair
  • Chimney flashing repair/installation
  • Masonry repair work including tuckpointing
  • Brick replacement
  • Chimney liner repair/installation
  • Firebox rebuild
  • Smoke chamber repair
  • Seal-coating the exterior masonry to protect against water damage
  • Repair/installation of top sealing chimney dampers and fireplace throat dampers
  • And other jobs to keep your chimney running safely and efficiently

Fluesbrothers is ready to help with all your chimney repair needs, whenever they arise.

Chimney tuckpointing & chimney leak repair in Leawood KS

Chimney Masonry Work

When you require chimney masonry work, you should only trust professionals who are expert masons and who are trained specifically in performing this work on chimneys. Damage or wear to the masonry of a chimney needs to be addressed promptly and the right solution implemented to prevent serious structural problems down the line. Our technicians can replace missing sections of masonry (tuckpointing), apply a water-resistant sealant and oversee any other chimney masonry work that might be required.

Chimney Rebuilding

In cases where a chimney is in serious disrepair, chimney rebuilding usually is necessary. Many events can cause a chimney to become compromised including large infiltrations of water, house-settling, extreme winds and the normal aging process. A chimney with crumbling mortar, missing bricks and significant water damage is an unsafe chimney. Our certified technicians are experts in partial rebuilds as well as complete chimney rebuilds.

Gas fireplace install in Leawood KS

Stove & Insert Installation

If you’re looking for a new fireplace, stove or fireplace insert, let us help you select the perfect brand and style to heat and beautify your home. When you’ve got the appliance you want, we’ll professionally install it in a way that is safe and meets all manufacturer specs and local safety codes. We work fast and clean with meticulous attention to detail.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

You can increase the performance of your clothes dryer with periodic dryer vent cleaning services from our certified dryer exhaust technicians. A clogged dryer vent makes operating the appliance unsafe and costs you a lot more on your utility bills.

For the very best in chimney cleaning, chimney inspection, chimney repair and all other fireplace and chimney services, Fluesbrothers of Kansas City, KS, is your trusted partner. Call (913) 236-7141 with questions or to arrange an appointment.