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Fluesbrothers Chimney of Overland Park provides expert chimney sweep services along with chimney repair and rebuilding for our customers in Overland Park, KS, and the nearby communities of Merriam, KS, Shawnee, KS, Mission, KS, Fairway, KS, Prairie Village, KS, Lenexa, KS, and Leawood, KS.

We want you to enjoy your fireplace for the heat it brings and the aesthetic value it adds to your home. To accomplish this, we offer all the professional fireplace and chimney services you need to ensure that your system runs safely and optimally.


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Chimney Sweep In Overland Park

Once-a-year chimney cleaning is recommended by all U.S. fire-safety agencies. A clean chimney is a safe and efficient chimney. The key reasons for annual chimney service are:

  1. To remove flammable creosote from the flue, an important step toward preventing a chimney fire
  2. To remove any obstacles such as leaves, twigs, animal nests and general debris that might lead to chimney flue drafting problems.

Our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps have the training and the tools to thoroughly clean your chimney and restore it to a fully operational state. Chimney cleaning isn’t a job for a novice, because specialized brushes, vacuums and hands-on skill are necessary to perform this job safely and correctly. Fluesbrothers cleans chimneys throughout the Overland Park, KS, area year-round,

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Chimney Inspections

By scheduling regular chimney inspections – often in conjunction with a chimney cleaning project – you’re able to learn about any trouble that might be happening with your chimney or fireplace before it becomes serious and expensive trouble. Our certified chimney inspectors look closely at every component and area within your system from the chimney cap and crown to the fireplace damper to the brick-and-mortar structure of the chimney itself. When we do an inspection, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing nothing was overlooked.

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Chimney Leaks/Chimney Repairs

Have you noticed water in your firebox?  What about white staining (efflorescence) on the exterior walls of the chimney?  Does your fireplace emit strong odors?  All these are signs of a leaky chimney. When water is able to enter a chimney structure, gradual damage is sure to happen as the water erodes bricks and causes mortar to crack.

Along with chimney leaks, our NFI-certified technicians perform other important chimney repair services including:

  • Chimney liner repair and Heatshield Lining System installation
  • Chimney crown repair with CrownSeal
  • Repair of smoke chambers and smoke chamber parging
  • Rebuilding of fireboxes
  • Masonry repair work
  • Brick replacement
  • Chimney flashing repair and installation
  • Seal-coating to prevent water infiltration
  • Fireplace throat damper and top sealing chimney damper repair and installation
  • And more to ensure the safe operation of your fireplace and chimney

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Chimney Masonry Work

Age eventually begins to affect even the sturdiest chimneys. Weather events such as pounding hail and gale-force winds also will take their toll. When your chimney begins to show signs of wear, when bricks are loose or falling away, when cracking and crumbling are happening throughout the system, it’s time to schedule professional chimney masonry work. Our expert masons perform all types of repair work to preserve your chimney and add years to its life.

Chimney Rebuilding

In cases where your chimney has suffered severe damage and has become structurally unsound, chimney rebuilding is the solution. If your chimney is leaning to one side, if large sections of bricks are missing, if water is flowing through big cracks in the mortar joints and causing serious decomposition, our team will perform either partial or complete chimney rebuilding to make the structure safe and functional again.

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Fireplace, Stove & Insert Sales & Installation

Are you thinking of purchasing a new fireplace, stove or fireplace insert?  Let us help you find just the right model with the right performance level to meet all your heating needs. And then, we’ll expertly install your new appliance safely and professionally.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Is your clothes dryer working overtime because of a clogged vent system?  We can help by performing a thorough cleaning, which will let your machine run more efficiently, dry clothes better and not cost you so much to operate.

Fluesbrothers Chimney of Overland Park is standing by to help with all your chimney cleaning, repair, maintenance and inspection needs. Find out why we’re your best choice for all fireplace and chimney services in Oak Park, KS, and surrounding areas by calling (913) 229-3678.