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Fluesbrothers Chimney Service of Kansas City provides professional installation of pellet-burning stoves by CSIA-certified experts in Leawood, KS, Independence, MO, Leavenworth, KS, Tonganoxie, KS, Stilwell, KS Roeland Park, KS, and throughout the Kansas City, KS/Kansas City, MO, region.

Homeowners today have a variety of options for bringing heat into their homes. An option that’s a perfect fit for many is a pellet-burning stove. These units are easy to operate, highly efficient and come in a range of sizes so it’s easy to produce the right level of heat for any room.

We can help you select your new stove from some of the top manufacturers in the industry including Valor, Napoleon, Enviro and Regency. Our service technicians hold professional certifications through the National Fireplace Institute (NFI) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), so when we install your new appliance, you know it will be done safely and correctly.

If heating with pellets sounds like a great option for you, here are some things you’ll enjoy knowing.

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Traditional Wood Fires

Pellets generally are made from sawdust and other wood waste and therefore create beautiful real wood fires. If you enjoy burning wood but don’t like the mess and labor involved with logs, a pellet stove is exactly what you need.

Great Heat Efficiency

The technology that’s used in modern pellet stoves allows them to attain heat-efficiency ratings of 75% and higher. This rating tells you how much of the heat an appliance produces will be made available to warm your home. By comparison, open masonry fireplaces often are rated at 20% efficiency or lower.

Easy to Use

Free-standing pellet stoves have an attached hopper (basket), into which you load the pellets. The hopper delivers pellets into the firebox at a pre-determined rate to keep heat levels consistent. This system allows pellet stoves to burn for as long as 36 hours without needing to re-load the hopper.

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An existing or new chimney is not necessary to vent a pellet stove, nor is any major modification to your home. A sturdy vent pipe, extending through the ceiling or a wall, is all that’s required.

Perfect for Zone Heating

Because of their simple vent system and the many sizes and BTU outputs of modern pellet stoves, it’s easy to use them as powerful zone-heating appliances. You can place a pellet stove in the main room as well as in the kitchen, bedrooms, the bathroom, the den and most other rooms to bring heat only the areas you want and only for as long as you want.

Fantastic Looks

Free-standing pellet stoves on the market today come in an exciting range of sizes, shapes, styles and finishes. They’re designed to add beauty and elegance to any home and quickly become centerpieces of the rooms in which they’re installed.

Cleaning and Inspection

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Any kind of burning wood leaves flammable creosote deposits in venting systems. Your pellet stove should be professionally cleaned and inspected once a year by a certified chimney sweep to ensure continued safe operation.

Expert Installation

Another way to ensure that your stove runs safely and efficiently is to allow only experienced technicians to handle the installation. While the operation of a pellet stove is fairly straightforward, the appliances themselves are not “plug and play” and should not be set up or worked on by novices. Professional installation means the job gets done right the first time.

If you’d like to know more about the joys of owning and using a powerful pellet-burning stove, contact Fluesbrothers today at (913) 236-7141. We serve customers across the Kansas City, KS/Kansas City, MO, regions.