It’s the construction that takes place before construction can begin: Scaffolding. Scaffolding is an integral part of many construction or renovation projects. Scaffolding is crucial for providing access to hard-to-reach,Reasons for Bidding Scaffolding - Kansas City MO - Fluesbrothers high-up areas. While scaffolding is an important part of many construction projects, often it’s something contractors or do-it-yourselfers will rush their way through so the work can begin on the “real” project. But taking the time to ensure that scaffolding has been properly constructed is an important part of your construction or improvement project.

The importance of sturdy scaffolding

Construction and remodeling — whether you are a trained professional or a skilled do-it-yourselfer — can be extremely dangerous. When you are working on scaffolding, the job inherently becomes more dangerous. A documented 40 percent of construction deaths that occur each year are related to falls, and about 16 percent of those deaths were from scaffolding. Undoubtedly, many of those falls can be attributed to insufficient scaffolding. Those deaths don’t take into account injuries that occur on scaffolding, or the construction mistakes that are made due to wobbly or insecure scaffolding. While slips and true accidents are likely unavoidable, making sure that the scaffolding you’re using is adequate and adequately safe, can go along way in increasing your safety and decreasing the chances of an accidental fall.

Bidding out your scaffolding construction

If you’re not trained in erecting scaffolding, the best thing to do when you need scaffolding for a project is to bid out your scaffolding construction. A company that deals with professional scaffolding construction has been trained in engineering and building scaffolding, so they can custom engineer scaffolding to suit your unique job. They also will build scaffolding to those exact specifications, so you know the scaffolding is able to handle the weight of you and your workers as they maneuver to complete the project. While you might balk at the thought of incurring another expense before your project even begins, bear in mind that you would have to cover the cost of materials, tools and time to construct your scaffolding. A professional scaffolding company will have the tools they need to construct a scaffolding, and the materials and time will be factored in as part of your scaffolding bid.

Do you have an upcoming project that requires scaffolding? Don’t try to rig your own scaffolding! Doing so will put you and everyone else working on your project at risk. Improper scaffolding also can compromise the quality of your project and add time to the project as you navigate insufficient scaffolding. Keep yourself safe by bidding out your scaffolding! Fluesbrothers can help! Our experts can construct safe scaffolding for your project! Call to schedule a bid for your project today.