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The town of Osawatomie was named by combining the names of the Osage and Potawatomie Indian tribes. Fluesbrothers Chimney Sweep combines our dedication to your safety with the expertise to properly maintain your chimney and fireplace.

Homeowners in Osawatomie choose Fluesbrothers when they need:

Proper Maintenance Helps Avoid Fire Hazards

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) advise homeowners to have your fireplace, stoves, and chimney inspected annually to avoid potential fire hazards.

Clothes Dryers Can Be A Fire Hazard

Annual dryer vent inspections are also critical to avoid fire hazards. Annual inspections include making sure your dryer is properly vented, the vent is clear of any obstructions, and removing the lint, fibers and dust that accumulates from regular use.

Trust The Professionals At Fluesbrothers

Fluesbrothers Chimney Sweep has been committed to protecting homeowners and their families since 2000. When the safety of your family and home is at stake, you need to be confident that the chimney sweep you call is fully qualified. As a customer of Fluesbrothers, you are assured that all Fluesbrothers’ technicians are fully trained, insured, and dedicated to protecting you and your family. Our technicians are certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and receive continuing education to accurately service and maintain your chimney, fireplace, and dryer vents.

Osawatomie-A City Rich In History

Osawatomie was established in 1854 and was the site of many battles over the issue of slavery. Osawatomie played a key role in the Civil War as the abolitionists settled in the area to help bring Kansas, as a free state, into the United States. John Brown, an avid abolitionist, played a pivotal role in the start of the Civil War and has deep roots in Osawatomie.

Osawatomie Showcases Its History For Residents and Visitors

History buffs will want to take the driving tour of Osawatomie to learn even more about the area and how it shaped the history of Osawatomie and our country.

Each June, Osawatomie hosts the annual John Brown Jamboree featuring art, music and food. In October, during Talking Tombstones, reenactors tell the story of the historians buried in the Oakwood Cemetery and remember the significant role each played in shaping Osawatomie.

There are five noteworthy places of interest on the National Historic Register to experience in Osawatomie:

The Mills House was built in 1902 and designed by the famous architect, George Barber. This 7,000 square foot Queen Anne style home was built for William M. Mills who opened the first successful oil well west of the Mississippi.

The Creamery Bridge is a Marsh arch triple-span bridge built in 1930 and crosses the Marais de Cygnes River at Eighth Street. This bridge is unique because its arches and floor expand and contract with temperature and weather conditions. There is a similar bridge which crosses Pottawatomie Creek, also on the National Historic Register.

The Asylum Bridge was built 1906 to cross the Marais de Cygnes River at First Street. The bridge was constructed with a unique design that has never been replicated. The bridge connects the city of Osawatomie to the Osawatomie State Mental Hospital, which was built in 1863 and was the first mental hospital west of the Mississippi.

The John Brown Museum State Historic Site and The John Brown Lookout are located in John Brown Memorial Park. The Lookout was used during the Civil War. The site is home to the John Brown Museum and the Adair Cabin, a stop on the Underground Railroad and Brown’s headquarters.

Fluesbrothers wants to play a vital role in keeping you safe and preserving your own family history with their maintenance programs. Call Fluesbrothers for your chimney sweeping needs at 913-236-7141 – or click here to schedule online!


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