CSI Certified Chimney Repair - Chimney Sweep In Shawnee KS

Stinky Chimney Sweep In Shawnee KS – New Fireplace Upgrade – Chimney Repair & More

Fluesbrothers Chimney Service of Kansas City, KS, provides chimney sweep services along with chimney repair, chimney inspection and heating appliance installation in Shawnee, KS, and the neighboring communities of Edwardsville, KS, Lenexa, KS, Overland Park, KS, Merriam, KS, Mission, KS, Prairie Village, KS, Roeland Park, KS, and Bonner Springs, KS.

Modern fireplaces and heating stoves are built to bring you years of enjoyment. To keep them running safely and at peak efficiency, we provide the very best in maintenance and repair services as well as installation of all brands of fireplaces, stoves and fireplace inserts.

Chimney Sweep In Shawnee KS

Chimney Sweep

A clean chimney is a safe chimney. Fluesbrothers’ certified chimney technicians have the specialized tools and skills to thoroughly remove creosote and obstructions from your chimney to reduce the chances of a chimney fire and allow smoke and toxins to draft properly.

Creosote is a flammable substance that is created when wood burns. It is responsible for most chimney fires in the U.S. each year. Excess creosote not only can become fuel for a fire, it also can narrow the air passage in your flue and make it difficult for smoke to move up and out of the chimney.

Obstructions such as leaves, twigs, general debris, small-animal nests and animals who die inside the chimney can accumulate inside the flue to the point that smoke and dangerous carbon monoxide back up into your home and create a health risk. This can be prevented with annual chimney cleaning.

chimney inspection in Shawnee KS

Chimney Inspections

Regular chimney inspections will turn up early signs of damage within your chimney system and allow you to address issues before they turn into expensive repair projects. A thorough chimney inspection covers all components such as the chimney cap, flue liner and damper as well as the bricks and mortar of the chimney structure. Our inspectors are meticulous in checking out every inch of your chimney. They use their years of hands-on experience to spot problems and recommend solutions so that your chimney and fireplace run safely and at peak efficiency.

chimney leaking in Shawnee KS

Chimney Leaks/Chimney Repairs

If you have a leaky chimney, it’s important to determine where the leak is coming from and get it repaired quickly. Water eventually can cause bricks and mortar to crack and fall apart, which can lead to a house fire. We fix chimney leaks throughout the Shawnee, KS, area and perform many other repair services including:

  • Chimney liner repair & Heatshield Lining System installation
  • Chimney flashing repair & installation
  • Firebox rebuild
  • Chimney crown repair with CrownSeal
  • Brick replacement & other masonry repair work
  • Masonry waterproofing
  • Fireplace throat damper/top sealing chimney damper repair & installation
  • Repair of smoke chambers/smoke chamber parging
  • And other important services to ensure a clean and high-performing chimney and fireplace

chimney tuckpointing in prairie village ks

Chimney Masonry Work In Shawnee KS

If you’ve noticed cracks in your chimney’s masonry, crumbling mortar around the chimney or bricks that are loose, our NFI-certified technicians are ready to help with chimney masonry work. Count on our expertise to restore strength and stability to your chimney and save you from having to pay for expensive repairs down the line.

Chimney Rebuilding

In cases where a chimney is significantly damaged, complete or partial chimney rebuilding may be necessary. Weather events, house-settling, years of intense heat from the fireplace and normal aging all can lead to a compromise in your chimney structure. No matter the extent of the damage, our chimney experts can perform the necessary rebuilding work to make any chimney safe and functional again.

wood burning stove install in KS

Stove Install In Shawnee KS

When it’s time to shop for a new fireplace, stove or fireplace insert, we’re happy to help you choose the ideal model that will meet your heating needs and aesthetic requirements. Once you’ve purchased your appliance, our skilled installation technicians can set it up where you want it and make sure it’s safe and efficient for years of enjoyment.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Clothes dryer vents often become so clogged that the machine must work overtime to do its job. This causes excess wear and tear on moving parts and extends the drying cycle, which adds to your utility bills. We’ll completely clean your vent so your dryer runs more efficiently and dries clothes faster.

Fluesbrothers Chimney Service of Kansas City, KS, is standing by to help with all your chimney cleaning, inspection and repair needs. Get your questions answered or schedule a service visit by speaking with a fireplace and chimney expert at (913) 236-7141.