Why Repair Your Chimney During Summer? - Kansas City Chimney Expert

Are your chimney and fireplace ready for the fall? If not, start thinking about your chimney repairs now! Summer is chimney repair season for many reasons. First and foremost, warm, dry weather is ideal for working outside and for applying masonry materials, which might not properly cure in cold or wet weather. Summer also leaves plenty of time for chimney improvements, so scheduling your repairs now ensures that your chimney is ready to go this fall. Finally, without the high demand for chimney sweeping and inspections, chimney repairs are quicker to schedule in the summer.

leaky chimney repairs, lees summit moIf your chimney needs repair before the fall, call Fluesbrothers Chimney Service to schedule your appointment today! Our chimney experts can address all of your chimney repairs. We can repair:

Chimney Leaks

Chimney leaks are, perhaps, the worst kind of chimney damage because they worsen over time. A leaky chimney leads to a breakdown in the chimney structure, and the water can seep into your home’s structure, which causes mold and water rot. Whether your leaky chimney is caused by weaknesses in your chimney masonry, a missing chimney cap, or failing chimney flashing, Fluesbrothers Chimney Service can stop your chimney leak.

Failing Chimney Liner

There are several reasons your chimney liner might need to be repaired or replaced. Masonry liners crack or crumble over time due to moisture exposure and extreme heat from your fireplace. Improperly sized liners can cause improper chimney drafting. A mild chimney fire can cause damage that needs to be repaired so your chimney can be used safely. Fluesbrothers can install address a new stainless steel chimney liner or liner resurfacing from HeatShield.

Chimney Masonry repairs in Shawnee KSBroken Down Chimney Components

Chimneys seem like simple enough technology, but there are several portions that can break down and require repair. That include your chimney cap, chimney damper, chimney chase cover or even your prefabricated fireplace. Fluesbrothers can replace any damaged or failing component of your hearth system.

Masonry Repair

Deteriorating masonry can degrade the look of your fireplace and chimney, and it can pose a hazard. Fluesbrothers can replace crumbling mortar and address cracks in chimney bricks, chimney crowns and firebricks. If your fireplace or chimney’s masonry has deteriorated beyond repair, Fluesbrothers’ experts masons can entirely rebuild your hearth, your firebox or your chimney masonry structure.

Don’t put off your chimney repairs until the fall! Give your chimney technician plenty of time to make necessary repairs before the fire-burning season, and take advantage of warm, dry summer weather that’s ideal for masonry repairs. If your chimney needs to be repaired or needs an aesthetic upgrade, call Fluesbrothers Chimney Service to schedule an appointment today!