Should I Get A Chimney Cap? - Overland Park KS Chimney Service

Chimney caps are one of the most vital components of your chimney. They’re also one of the most forgotten about. If your chimney cap has rusted, become dislodged or is altogether missing, it’s time for a new chimney cap.

Why you need a chimney cap

Chimney cap install in Liberty MOChimney caps perform several functions to keep your chimney and your home safe. First and foremost, chimney caps are your chimney’s primary defense against moisture. Chimney caps sit atop your chimney opening like a little roof. They prevent rain and snow from pouring down your chimney. This causes major water damage in your chimney and in your firebox.

In addition to covering your chimney flue, your chimney cap should be outfitted with a metal screen. That screen serves to keep animals and debris out of your chimneys. When temperatures drop, animals are drawn to the warmth of your chimney. They can enter your home and cause chaos. Also, they can nest in your chimney, which can cause a hazardous blockage. Your chimney cap can save you from having an unexpected house guest, like a raccoon, squirrel or bat, and it can save you from having an unsafe clog in your chimney.

While protecting your home from water, animals and debris are the primary functions of a chimney cap, they can have other benefits. Chimney caps outfitted with the right metal screening can keep burning embers from leaping out of your chimney flue and onto your rooftop or nearby structures. Specialty chimney caps also can block cold downdrafts from chilling your home.

How to choose a chimney cap

Once you are in the market for a new chimney cap, you will find several options. If you have a simple chimney with one flue, your primary consideration will be chimney cap material. The cheapest chimney caps are made from galvanized steel, but most chimney experts will recommend against them because they rust and corrode quickly and are most likely to be blown off of your chimney in bad weather. Most sweeps will recommend a stainless steel chimney cap, which will hold up for decades. Copper chimney caps provide an attractive and durable option, but they are less common. You also might be able to find a custom chimney cap to match your roof-line.

If you have a prefabricated chimney, you will need to work with a chimney sweep who can find the right chimney cap for your chimney. In a prefabricated chimney system, all components work together to create a safe chimney system, and that includes the chimney cap.

For homes with multiple flues, large chimney cap can be used to house and protect all exposed flues. There are manufacturers who can work to create custom multi-flue caps.

Don’t wait to cap your chimney!

If you know your chimney cap is missing, damaged or due to be replaced, don’t wait to have a new cap installed! Protect your chimney this winter from water damage and animals by having your new chimney cap installed as soon as possible. If you are in need of a new chimney cap, Fluesbrothers Chimney Service can help. Call 913-236-7141 to schedule a consultation with today!