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Video Resource Center On Our Services and Products

Interested in learning more about the services and products we offer? Our video resource center is a great place to start!


Ask the Chimney Sweep

Find answers to frequently asked questions from our staff member Jeremy Biswell on  Ask the Chimney Sweep. His answers provide information on how to deal with animals in the chimney, what creosote is and when the best time to clean your chimney is, among other questions!


Fireplace Fridays

If you are looking for general tips and information, take a look into our past Fireplace Fridays! On Fridays we go live on Facebook and record some information we think our customers will find interesting.


Lighting Your Fireplace

Having trouble lighting your fireplace? Check out our tips in these videos on lighting and igniting different pilots as well as wood burning fireplaces.


Fireplace Remotes

Fireplace Remotes make starting a fire so easy, but sometimes changing batteries and using the remote can get confusing. Luckily, we made some videos to show you how to change the batteries, set timers and more for your Valor or Regency products.



We offer more than just the best chimney services and fireplace products. We also want to help you learn how to use our services and how our products work! Check out these videos of how Heatshield is applied, what it does, and how it works.


ChimneySaver Products 

ChimneySaver repels water to protect your masonry like no other! Along with Crowncoat and Cerfractory Foam, these products have a duty to repair and prevent future damage to your chimney.


Gas Logs

Gas fireplaces can be the perfect balance between ease and tradition for a fireplace. However, they still need maintenance! Learn more about the necessary maintenance as well as how our experts install new gas log fireplaces.

Our Other Videos:

From what goes on during a chimney sweeing or inspection, to Paint ‘N Peel, to choosing a hearth appliance that suits your needs, we have a variety of videos available.

Chimney & Fireplace Sweeping

Chimney Inspections

Top-Mount Damper Chain Control

Paint ‘n Peel Fireplace Cleaner

Choosing a hearth appliance

Damaged Chimney Crown Replacement

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