What Is Chimney Masory Repair Work - Kansas City Chimney Service

Deteriorating chimney masonry not only affect the look of your home, but they also put the safety of your home at risk. Damaged masonry allow water to seep into your chimney which lead to further damage down the road. Deteriorating chimney is also a hazard for your home and family. It puts pressure on your home’s structure or even cause a collapse if damage persist without being addressed. If you see any signs of wear on your masonry, call our experts at Fluesbrothers. We offer full service chimney repairs and chimney reconstruction. Let’s learn some of the specialty services we offer.

TuckpointingChimney masonry repair in Olathe KS

Tuckpointing is the most common method of chimney masonry repairs. Most people think the bricks and stones on their chimney last forever, however, the mortar joints that hold the chimney are very susceptible to damage. Due to water damage over time, mortar joints start to soften or crumble. This allow water to enter your masonry, and then it also weakens the entire chimney system. With tuckpointing, we can remove weak and crumbling mortar joints to fill the gaps with new mortar. This process restores the look and strength of your masonry chimney, and it is highly effective.

Chimney crown repair or reconstruction

Chimney crown is a vital part of your masonry chimney, and they are prone to damage. The chimney crown sits at the top of your chimney; it’s a cement structure that seals the inner layers of the chimney and diverts water away from the flue. Chimney crowns can crack or crumble due to the freeze-thaw process. A damaged chimney crown should never be ignored, as it works to protect your chimney from water damage. If your chimney crown is damaged, we can repair or rebuild it to ensure your chimney is safe for use again.

Firebox reconstruction

The heat of your fireplace takes a toil on the masonry bricks in your firebox. Cracks inevitably develop, and over time, those cracks need to be repaired. If cracks are not addressed, this could put your home at risk of a fire. Deteriorated firebox no longer can protect your home’s structure from the heat and flames of your fireplace. We can also repair or reconstruct your firebox to keep your home and family safe.

Chimney reconstruction

If your chimney has been neglected for far too long, or if it’s suffered damage from a natural disaster or a home fire, complete chimney reconstruction is recommended. At Fluesbrothers, we can reconstruct your masonry chimney so it adds to the beauty of your home, while serving its main purpose of letting heat and smoke safely exit out of your home.

If your masonry fireplace or chimney is showing signs of wear, call the professionals at Fluesbrothers Chimney Service to schedule a consultation today! We can assess the damage of your masonry chimney, and we have the knowledge to prescribe the best solution for repairing or rebuilding your masonry fireplace or chimney.