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If you are searching for a chimney sweep, you’ve likely heard of the Chimney Safety Institute of America and CSIA chimney sweep certification. You’ve repeatedly heard to only hire CSIA-certified sweeps, but what is the CSIA and why does certification matter?

About the CSIA

CSIA - Kansas City, MO - FluesbrothersThe Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to chimney and fireplace care and safety. Since its founding in 1983, the CSIA has become the nation’s leader in education and training for chimney sweeps and fireplace/ventilation specialists. The CSIA educates chimney sweeps about proper and safe installation, service, maintenance and operation of fireplaces and chimneys. In addition, they educate the public about safely using their hearth appliance and preventing home fires sparked by chimneys and vents.

CSIA Certification

One of the primary functions of the CSIA is the training and certification of chimney sweeps and clothing dryer vent technicians. To become CSIA certified, chimney sweeps must:

• Attend an in-person or online review, or attend the CSIA’s six-day, hands-on National Chimney Sweep Training Schools

• Pass the 100-question exam based on the CSIA text on Successful Chimney Sweeping and the National Fire Protection Association’s code 211, which establishes standards for chimneys, fireplaces, vents and solid fuel-burning appliances;

• Pass a 90-minute exam on the International Residential Code; and

• Sign the CSIA’s Code of Ethics, which binds CSIA-certified chimney sweeps to following CSIA best practices, building codes that apply to chimneys and fireplaces, and manufacturers’ recommendations for installing and servicing fireplaces and heating stoves, and to treating all customers fairly and professionally.

CSIA-certified sweeps also must work to maintain their certification. To remain in good standing with the CSIA, sweeps must renew their certification every three years by taking an appropriate amount of CSIA-approved continuing education courses. They can also sit through another certification review course and pass the two certification exams. Chimney sweeps also can go beyond the regular CSIA training to achieve CSIA Master Chimney Sweep certification. Master certification involves taking education courses, holding certification for an extended period of time and holding long-term certifications with other respected industry organizations.

Finding a CSIA-Certified Chimney Sweep

The CSIA also works to help homeowners find CSIA-certified chimney sweeps in their area, ensuring proper and safe care. Here in Kansas City, Fluesbrothers Chimney Service is proud of their CSIA certification. If you’re looking to have your chimney or fireplace serviced by a CSIA-certified chimney sweep, call Fluesbrothers to schedule your appointment today!