Chimney Repairs In Winter Weather - Chimney Service In Kansas City

If your fireplace or chimney is in need of repair, you may not have to wait for warmer weather. There are plenty of chimney or fireplace repairs that can be safely undertaken when the temperature drops, and most repairs can be performed as long as the temperature is above freezing.

Chimney repairs for any weather

Winter chimney repairs in Overland Park KSWhile masonry repairs generally can’t be done when weather is wet or below freezing, any chimney repair not requiring bricks, mortar or cement generally are safe for winter weather. Chimney caps installation, damper repair or replacement and metal chimney liner installation all fit into this category. Repairing or replacing a chimney cap or damper will even help to protect your chimney from the wet, freezing winter weather!

Indoor chimney and fireplace repairs are ideal candidates for the winter months. You can have your firebox repaired or rebuilt despite the outdoor temperatures, and if you’re thinking of fireplace refacing, why wait? New fireplaces, stoves or fireplace inserts also can be installed despite the cold weather, and if you have a new fireplace or stove installed now, you can enjoy it for the rest of the fire-burning season.

Of course, chimney sweeping is safe in any weather! If you’re overdue for your annual cleaning and inspection, you should not put that off for the rest of the fire-burning season. Having your chimney swept and inspected will ensure that your chimney is clean and safe for the rest of your winter’s fires.

Winter masonry repairs

Masonry repairs, such as tuckpointing, chimney reconstruction or chimney crown repair or replacement, should not be performed in wet weather or if the temperature drops below freezing. However, these repairs can be performed during the winter months if the right weather window can be found. If the temperature is forecasted to rise above 34 to 36 degrees for the duration of the repair, and for a few days after to allow the materials to set, we may be able to perform your masonry repairs.

Chimney masonry repair in Independence MOThere also are several measures that can be taken for successful wintertime chimney repairs. Materials can be warmed at least to room temperature before they are used, and warm water can be used to mix mortar. A mortar accelerator and quick-drying cement can be selected as materials for the repair. The area around the chimney also can be tarped, and a space heater may be used to help keep the area warm.

Get a chimney professionals opinion!

If you would like to address your chimney or fireplace repairs now, call for a professional opinion. The chimney and fireplace experts at Fluesbrothers Chimney Service can advise you on your repair and help you determine the ideal time for your repairs.

If your chimney repair cannot be performed before the weather warms, you may want to take measures to protect your damage chimney until the spring. If water is leaking in from your damaged chimney, or if water may damage the chimney further, you should tarp the area, but make sure you are not blocking any flues for your furnace or other appliances.