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Temperatures are dropping and winter storms are brewing. What does this mean for your home? Special care should be taken for several aspects of your home in the winter, and your chimney is no different. As snow falls and water freezes, you’re going to want to make sure your chimney is ready to brave the temperatures. 

stainless steel chimney flue liners in Shawnee KSThings to Look Out For

With wear and tear your chimney is bound to start showing signs of age. However, there are several early signs of damage you can act on to prevent further damage. 

One of the most damaging things that can occur is called spalling. This occurs when there are entryways into your chimney or components of a chimney, and water finds its way in there. When there, if the temperatures drop, the water freezes and expands. Then, if the water thaws, it causes mortar and other components to contract. This can lead to cracks and further damage. If neglected, this can even lead to full collapse. To avoid this, below are some crucial signs to look out for. 

Cracks & Chips

Small cracks or chips in the mortar or your chimney’s stone can be the beginning stages of deterioration. Your chimney is at a huge risk of spalling, however. Cracks caught early can be filled in and prevent further deterioration. Therefore annual inspections and cleanings are crucial for the longevity of your structure.

Deteriorating Mortar or Brick/Stone

As time goes on, and your chimney is exposed to several seasons of harsh weather, mortar can start to break down. This is natural but can be treated to prevent further deterioration. If brick or stone starts to break down towards the top of your chimney, you may benefit from rebuilding specific parts. 

Chilly Critters Looking for Shelter

If we’re cold, other animals are too! This means they may seek shelter in your cozy chimney. While cute, it can be dangerous for animals — especially if they choose to make a nest in your chimney. Make sure all your chimney parts are free of damage.

Damaged Parts

Another important thing to keep up with is your chimney parts. Make sure your chimney crown isn’t cracked, your chimney cap is present and free of damage, and that your chimney flashing has a waterproof seal. All of these pieces help to keep animals, debris, and water out which contributes to a structurally sound chimney.

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