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Fluesbrothers Chimney Service of Kansas City offers expert installation of wood-burning stoves by CSIA-certified technicians in Mission Hills, KS, Lenexa, KS, Piper, KS, Rosedale, KS, Fort Leavenworth KS, Basehor, KS, and throughout the greater Kansas City, KS/Kansas City, MO, region.

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Do you have an open masonry fireplace that performs far below your expectations? Do you love heating your home with wood but are looking for a way to do it efficiently and safely? Then you must consider a new, high-powered wood heating stove.

Todays free-standing wood stoves offer many of the benefits of a traditional wood fireplace with their real-wood aroma and dancing flames. They also bring you benefits that no traditional fireplace can offer. When installed by our CSIA- and NFI-certified technicians, your new wood stove will provide you with years of enjoyment, safety, great looks and wonderful warmth.

Here are a few things about wood-burning stoves you’ll enjoy knowing.

Amazing Heat

Today’s wood heating stoves are powerful enough to produce up to 100,000 BTUs. Translation: a lot of heat.

Amazing Efficiency

A heat-efficiency rating tells you how much of the heat an appliance creates that will actually be realized as heat inside your home. Wood-burning stoves from top makers such as Enviro, Napoleon, Valor and Regency have ratings of 70% to 80% and even higher. Compare that to the 20% or less rating for open masonry fireplaces.

Simple Ventilation

A wood stove doesn’t require a chimney, and you won’t have to do major modifications to your home to have it installed. All that’s needed is a special vent pipe that can be run through a wall or the ceiling.

Ideal for Zone Heating

Because of their simple venting system, free-standing wood stoves are suitable to be placed in many rooms within your home including the kitchen, the bathroom, bedrooms and other rooms. This makes it easy to heat only the areas you want, when you want.


Current EPA regulations ensure that today’s wood-burning stoves are designed to burn much cleaner than their predecessors. Also keep in mind that wood logs are a carbon-neutral fuel source – they create no more carbon in the atmosphere when they burn than when they decompose in a forest.

Classy and Elegant

When it comes to adding instant eye-appeal and elegance to your home, it’s hard to beat a new wood stove. These appliances come in many sizes, finishes, styles and shapes that will instantly beautify your home and enhance its current décor.

Heat – Guaranteed

With a wood heating stove, if the area where you live experiences a severe power outage in the dead of winter, you’ll still have plenty of efficient heat for your home. As long as you have logs and a match, you’ll stay warm and cozy around the clock.

Cleaning and Inspection

While wood stoves don’t need a chimney, they do need annual inspection and cleaning the same as wood fireplaces. Anytime wood burns, creosote forms, and the more creosote, the greater the chances of a vent pipe fire. Our certified chimney sweeps and inspectors will keep your wood stove running safely and at peak efficiency.

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Professional Wood Stove Installation

Count on our stove installation experts to perform a safe and meticulous installation of any brand and model of wood stove you select. Installation and setup of these appliances should be overseen only by trained professionals.

Is it time to bring the warmth of a wood stove into your home? Let us help you choose the perfect model for your heating requirements and aesthetic tastes. Fluesbrothers serves the entire Kansas City, KS/Kansas City, MO, region. Call us today at (913) 236-7141.